We’ve proved our services to our clients, we’ve remained integral to our ethos which is striving to be the best SEO Search company – Give us a call and let us do the same for you!


We’ll get to know your business to get the most out any campaign we work on!


Why Us? Why Not?

We are a fast growing digital agency for a reason – we deliver consistently. Our scalable, measurable, fresh approach to organic search and paid search marketing will connect your website with clients searching online for your services.

MAD Consulting are able to offer a total search solution, which is driven to yield results and proven to offer our clients a good return on their investment (ROI). Where other larger agencies will not be able to accommodate you due to your size or your budget (or the size of your budget…), we have the relevant expertise gained from larger agencies and we are able to offer our clients all of the facilities a large-scale agency will provide, but only on a more personal basis.

We Can Help You.

Because every penny is important if you’re a small or a young company, you will no doubt appreciate that we don’t try to lock you in to long contracts and our services are transparent, this is because we are the type of company we would like to work with; and this open and honest policy is demonstrated in everything we do, especially in how we operate.

If you’re currently not appearing for simple search terms and phrases that you should be appearing for, we will be able to help you.

If your competition is always ahead of you on search engines, we can take a closer look at how complex their marketing machine is and try to better it so that you can overhaul them in terms of search!

If you offer a niche service and you’re unsure how to begin marketing your products – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Make Contact Now.

We offer a range of contracts to help suit you and your business. All of which allows our optimisation to work to its fullest and allows us to improve all aspects of the online marketing process.

If you’re driven by a good ROI, we’ll demonstrate how we will be able to help you get as much back from your investment as possible!

Maybe you’re currently managing your marketing internally and you would like us to help you get the most from it. As specialists in this industry, we know what works and what is a waste of time. We use ‘white hat’ methods to get the most from any campaign.