Pay-Per-Click Campaigns can position your website in the optimum position, crucial when a targeted audience is searching for your products and services. Let us help you create and get the most of out of our PPC experience!


What Is It?

Paid search is an internet advertising model and is one that search engines employ as its own method of online advertisement. It is instantly recognisable as the text advert that appears at the top of their page is in a yellow coloured box and features a ‘call to action’, this is a subheading where the advertiser has placed additional information to support their advert.

This advertising method allows clients to instantly appear on search engines for a number of relevant search terms which link directly to their site. Though there is no cost to appear on the search engines, at the point where a user clicks on or interacts with your site is the point where a cost is applied.

Organic or Paid? Like Really.

Most sites will benefit from paid search as soon as a campaign goes live, this is to ensure that whilst we work on the organic search for a site, the paid search gives immediate exposure and users searching for any products or services will be able to locate your site. Using a range of intricate techniques, we can see which keywords will yield the most results and it is these keywords that we will concentrate on.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you may want maximum exposure on Google, with this being the case; we recommend a combination of paid and search once your site is fully optimised. The more you occupy of this ‘prime real estate’ the more you increase your opportunity of generating more brand recognition and in turn, a greater number of qualified leads.

PPC Management.

Similarly to our organic search campaigns, we appreciate that each business operates differently and so in an initial discussion, we will discuss the outcomes, which you require from your paid search campaign.

Having worked on many paid projects, we will apply the knowledge and skills from previous projects and apply them to your campaign including setting up your account / industry research which will help in optimising your campaign.


Our paid campaigns will get your target market to your site INSTANTLY!


Keyword Strategy = Increase in Leads.

A paid search campaign will focus primarily on knowing which keywords and phrases drive results. We are highly experienced in writing compelling text adverts, which will form an integral part of your advertisement as we place suitable calls to action within the text.

We will manage costs and create a bidding strategy, which will work to your set budget. MAD Consulting specialise in converting clicks to clients – we do this by attracting the correct type of customer to your website and to do this, we ensure that we select the correct keyword strategy.

Total Control. Always.

It is important to remember that with paid search, you are totally in control of your spending, you are able to increase or decrease your spend rate. Although it is best to spend a consistent amount monthly, you may wish to apply any offers you may have, or use the campaign to promote a new range and this may lead to an increase in spending.

There is no contract to sign for paid search, our costs are based on a monthly management fee which is determined by your monthly spend rate.

Mobile Devices. Including Tablets.

Over 40% of search takes place through mobile devices; we therefore encourage all our clients to have a mobile site optimised for these devices. We appreciate that potential clients may be browsing for your services whilst they’re on the move, we optimise your mobile site so that the whole experience is so much easier rather than fiddly and cumbersome.

Our team knows exactly what makes a successful campaign and we apply all of our collective knowledge in helping you get the best from your mobile marketing strategy.


Quality lead generation around the clock + optimisation for all tablet devices!