MAD Consulting have the experience in managing every aspect of your online campaign. Speak to us for an informal chat and we’ll determine how we can help you get the best from your website and search!


What Is It?

Organic search can help improve a website by achieving the best possible search position in search results. We employ a number of different methods to help us achieve this.

Managing phrases for your company and the products and services you offer through to optimising the site for search engines using quality links demonstrate a part of what we do to ensure your site is visible for your prospective clients to see.

Analysis. Understanding.

The very first thing we do when we take on a new client is to research their industry fully and invest a lot of thought and attention to what marketing effort their competition have made online. We work hard and research as much as we can. What this does is allows us to create the perfect strategy which is bespoke for each client we work with. It allows our experts to do what they do best and it further allows us to apply every area of our expertise to your campaign.

We use market-leading software as well as good old-fashioned research tactics to assess which keywords and phrases will yield the best results for your campaign. We will select the appropriate keywords that a possible new client may use to locate your products and services.


All of our expertise, all of our market know-how has one real single aim for you throughout the lifetime of the campaign, to get your site maximum coverage on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and to generate qualified leads through the internet.

A combination of Facebook, Twitter as well Google+ with effective link–building coupled with our ongoing efforts in marketing means that you will generate more leads utilising our marketing methods.


Climb the ranks - Clever ways to rank you higher


Midsize Firm. Large-size Campaigns.

We appreciate that for the bulk of our clients, there is no massive marketing team, no PR person looking after a niche within their business and nor will there be an abundance of account managers.

With this in mind, our full package has been created for small to medium sized businesses, for which we can apply all our online marketing know-how to create an action-packed full-scale marketing campaign!

KPI’s. Numbers. Consulting.

We will work to set targets, which we will agree with you at the start of the campaign. To ensure that your site stays ahead of the competition, the type of work we do for your site will evolve over time. Not only that, but by keeping abreast of the information and changes in our industry allows us to market your site as best as we can.

Algorithms change; your main competitors will update their sites and carry out online marketing of their own. MAD Consulting will be proactive in our approach to your online marketing campaign. We’ll maintain dialogue and ongoing consultancy with you to ensure that your website is highly visible and the information on there is relevant and current. Because if people like the look of your site and the information on it – then chances are, that Google will.

Auditing. Management.

Before we commence on a project with you, we will scrutinise and examine your website to ensure that it is in a position to be marketed and advertised. Having seen hundreds of websites, we know what will work on your site and we know what won’t work. We do this to ensure that your bounce rate remains low, this is the amount of time that a visitor lands on your site and then exits rather than staying on your site and exploring further. There are a number of key factors that determine the length of time a user may spend on your site, we will go through these with you and discuss any development costs that may arise from any changes.

Quite often, a number of minor tweaks can make all the difference.


Maximum exposure!  Your site is seen in all the right places – All the time!


Building Links.

We will help your site by establishing quality links, which will further help to rank your site higher. Not all links are the same; some carry more authority and weight than others and can therefore prove to be more successful than others.

To ensure that we are getting the most from each campaign, we will create new pages that are worth linking to. This is often complex, time consuming and detailed as well as requiring us to be highly creative!

Total Strategy. Complete.

We create a total marketing solution for each of our clients. This ensures that we fully understand your requirements and clearly point out what will be carried out. Simply, we make sure that we excel in every component that forms the core of Search Engine Marketing. This includes keywords, meta tags, content on the site, back links, social media and product images.

We stay ahead of the game by regularly reviewing this. Organic search evolves and changes, we make sure that for each campaign we work on, we’re thinking outside of the box to get the best for our clients.